Ryan V.

Tell Us About Yourself.

I'm an American, born and raised in the culturally rich San Francisco Bay Area. I'm an MBA by education and a banker by professional rank. I'm also a proud and loving husband.

What Does Being A "Centrist" Mean To You, And Why Did You Get Involved?

Being a centrist, as I embrace it, means bringing the political rhetoric of our country back to the long forgotten middle, where a focus on our similarities as people and as Americans exists. I'm getting involved because the system is broken and this feels like a viable and practical step towards fixing it.

What Is A Policy Issue You Are Passionate About And Why?

In no particular order, these are the issues I see as most important: Income Inequality, Civil Rights, Campaign Finance & Education.


How Do You Think We Can Unite Our Country And Fix Politics?

Honestly, searching for an answer to this question is what led me to The Centrist Project. I hope it is the first step in the long journey of bringing the country back together.



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