Robert E.

Tell us about yourself: who you are, where you're from, etc.

Happily married to Rebecca Easton, four children, retired from two occupations: 35+ years law enforcement and 11 years Safety and Risk Mgr. Moved to Tucson, AZ in 1959 from Superior, Wisconsin. Enjoying retirement and traveling.

What does being a "Centrist" mean to you, and why did you get involved?

I am sick and tired of the two parties trying to "out-extreme" and/or ignore each other. I'd been, until about 2007 or so a registered Republican; since then a registered Independent. "Centrist" describes me well. I've always said I was to be considered both a "liberal conservative" or a "conservative liberal". There are basic beliefs and philosophies of both sides that I believe in......and many that I do not. Centrist....means someone open to all points of view, willing to compromise, civil in conduct and not bound by dogma or $$$$ or influence (lobbyist). I WANT A TRUE REPRESENTATIVE GOVENMENT!!!! I've said for years, "If I were in office and faced with a decision making vote I'd damn sure know how my constituents felt about the subject AND if 50.1% feel a certain way, THAT is how I vote....regardless of how I personally felt".

What is a policy issue you are passionate about and why?

I have a deep interest in all major policy issues. Economy, welfare reform, international involvements, civil rights, education, etc. etc. Sorry, can't just choose one....all are vital to a healthy nation.

How do you think we can unite our country and fix our politics?

By electing individuals who are going to truly represent us....see above...and work collaboratively with all other representatives in finding solutions to the issues at hand.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Yes. I fervently hope this project has traction and can stay the course. Reestablishing civil, productive governance is an urgent need lest we see our system of democracy melt down.

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