Media Coverage: "Rise of Independents?"

Last week Carl Cannon, Executive Editor of RealClearPolitics, wrote a column about The Centrist Project's mission to help elect centrist-independent candidates. Cannon begins his column by noting the growing hyper-partisanship in D.C and the fact that Sen. Angus King is the only independent in Congress. (Sen. Bernie Sanders calls himself an independent but caucuses and campaigns with Democrats and sought the Democratic party's nomination for President last year.)

Cannon goes on to write:

"If a small group of good-government advocates get their way, however, Sen. King will soon have company. Not a lot of company — a few fellow independents at the most — but that might be enough to run the country. In this scenario, neither Mitch McConnell nor Chuck Schumer will hold the gavel. The Senate leader would almost certainly be an independent or an independent-minded senator who relishes bipartisan cooperation. If this sounds too good to be true, it probably is, but stay with me a moment."

The rest of the piece examines of strategy, profiles our leadership, and explores the possibility of making it all happen. Click here to visit the L.A Daily Times website and read the rest of Carl Cannon's column. 


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