Richard Dedor

Richard Dedor is running as an independent for district 19 in the Iowa House. Here is his website for more information about his exciting 2018 campaign:  


I got into politics when I was 14 by chance. After reading multiple stories and reports in the news about youth suicide across the country, I wanted to implement a suicide prevention awareness campaign. That allowed me to connect with community leaders. I loved the local elections and their closeness to the people and their purity to the community.

I never considered myself an "independent". But after a few Presidential elections of believing we needed better candidates and seeing not only our national leaders, but the leaders in the State of Iowa miss opportunities to solve real problems at their core, the center has become my home. It is where we can truly solve major issues like the federal debt, education reform, criminal justice reform, and everything in between.

As a fiscal conservative and social liberal, I know our leaders can work together. We need our leaders to come together on the budget (not only on an annual basis, but on a long-term debt reduction basis), taxes, education, health care, and energy. I know it is a lot to ask, but they asked to serve ... it's time to serve.