Reform Campaigns

Unite America supports four key structural reforms that we believe are both politically viable and powerful –– insofar as they are broadly non-partisan and popular and, if enacted, can meaningfully change governing incentives.

Our Reforms:

  • Ranked Choice Voting: Allows voters to rank their candidates in order of preference, incentivizing more substantive and positive campaigns, while guaranteeing a majority winner and eliminating the third party “spoiler” effect.


  • Vote at Home: Voters receive their ballots by mail weeks before Election Day to fill out at their convenience, engaging more voters and while saving election administration costs.


  • Non-Partisan Primaries: Replaces party primaries with a single, nonpartisan ballot that advances the top four vote getters, regardless of partisan affiliation, to the general election, increasing choice and competition.


  • Independent Commissions: Creates independent redistricting commissions to draw district lines, ensuring voters choose their politicians instead of politicians choosing their voters.