RCP: Commentary: More Independents in the Senate

By A.B. Stoddard, Associate Editor of RealClearPolitics

Whatever we wake up to on the morning of Nov. 7, we need a few good men, and women, to deny Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell or Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer a majority in January of 2019.

What we have witnessed in the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who awaits a vote to ascend to the Supreme Court any day now, has been a debacle that shows how desperately the U.S. Senate needs a mediator. Senators from one party, opposed to Kavanaugh from the start, distorted his record and criticized the judge for behaving “entitled” to a high court seat, while senators from the other party -- before his accuser even testified -- said publicly they would support him no matter what information the hearing brought forth. And just one member of the majority criticized Kavanaugh for his potentially disqualifying, partisan attacks on his critics, citing President Trump and the Clintons as motivating factors behind the allegations of sexual assault. Retiring Sen. Jeff Flake is the only Republican to date who has said publicly what others concede privately: that Kavanaugh’s political rhetoric in his opening statement last week was exactly what Supreme Court nominees and justices are supposed to reject in their role as impartial jurists.


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