Ray Ranker, MD HD-21

As the only candidate who isn’t taking any corporate or special interest money, Ray is trying to get big money out of politics so that everyone’s voice is heard

Running for: Marylands's 21st House District


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An early experience of tragedy Ray's family shaped his character and impressed upon Ray the importance of having support from others. When he was 11 years old, Ray was in a car accident that killed my father and almost took his life. Ray's mom was left raising him and his two younger siblings, working hard to help the boys with school while also working and going to back to school. She continues to be one of Ray's strongest role models.

After graduating from The University of Maryland, Ray served abroad for the better part of three years with different service agencies on several continents. These experiences have helped Ray learn invaluable life lessons, including how to respectfully navigate different cultures and customs, how to communicate in a second (and third) language, and how to continue to love and respect people that have different beliefs and ideas. These experiences strengthened his commitment to public service personally and professionally.

As a chaplain and pastor, Ray cares for and walks with people throughout their lives, especially in the difficult times. He listens to people and supports them, no matter their background or political persuasion. Ray started working with children in Prince George’s County Schools in 2001, and continues to run two weekly programs supporting at-risk elementary school students. He fights for people and the common good and has seen too many people who feel left out of our political system. That is why Ray wants to help reform our corrupt system by putting people first, not big money, and why he's leading the way as the only candidate in his race not taking corporate or Political Action Committee (PAC) money, and even limiting what he’ll take from individuals.