Press Release: Centrist Project statement on possible Bloomberg independent campaign for president

The Centrist Project today released the following statement from Colston Young, co-chair of the Centrist Project, on Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s possible independent campaign for president:

“With the national parties - and our politics - stuck in gridlock and seemingly more interested in finger pointing than leadership, it should come as no surprise that more and more voters are abandoning the traditional parties (according to Gallup, 40% of all Americans now self identify as independent) and are actively looking for more choices in their candidates. We agree with Mayor Michael Bloomberg that there may be an enormous opportunity for centrist unaffiliated/independent voters to demonstrate their strength in the 2016 election.

“As an organization committed to breaking through the partisan morass in Washington by recruiting viable independent US Senate candidates, we applaud efforts that will catalyze and mobilize the rational center of American voters that seek leaders focused on fiscal responsibility, social tolerance and making Congress functional again.”

“If Mayor Bloomberg decides to run, we hope his candidacy would be based on helping build a centrist political movement larger than himself that engages the growing, underrepresented center of the electorate that are convinced, as we are, that neither the Republican nor Democratic parties fully represent their views.”

Centrist Project Founder Charlie Wheelan recently wrote about the Bloomberg opportunity to catalyze the broader movement in US News and World Report.

The Centrist Project (, a national organization that provides educational resources for independent-minded voters across the country, is helping to identify politically independent candidates to run for the United States Senate in 2016 and beyond. The Centrist Project was founded in 2013 following the publication of Charles Wheelan’s book,The Centrist Manifesto, in which Wheelan argues for a political movement of the middle, an “insurgency of the rational,” in his words, to break the paralyzed two-party gridlock in Washington and force the parties into more responsible policymaking and more responsive leadership. Wheelan continues to serve as Co-Chairman and Founder of The Centrist Project. In 2014, The Centrist Project Voice, the Political Action Committee of The Centrist Project, supported highly competitive independent candidates former US Senator Larry Pressler in South Dakota and Greg Orman in Kansas. 




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