Unite America Fund Investment Portfolio

The Unite America Fund is a philanthropic venture fund and non-partisan donor community that aims to accelerate and scale the democracy reform movement. Check out our current portfolio of investments.
  1. Alaskans for Better Elections

    Reformers in Alaska are working on a ballot measure that would prohibit dark money, implement nonpartisan top-four primaries, and introduce Ranked Choice Voting for all state and federal elections.

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  2. Rank the Vote NYC

    Rank The Vote is working to bring Ranked Choice Voting to primary and special elections in New York City

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  3. Pennsylvanians Against Gerrymandering

    Pennsylvanians Against Gerrymandering is advocating for the establishment of an independent citizens commission to draw federal district lines following the 2020 census.

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  4. Voter Choice Massachusetts

    Voter Choice Massachusetts is leading the fight to bring Ranked Choice Voting to the Bay State with a 2020 ballot measure.

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