Pay Attention to the Kansas Senate Race

Greg Orman, an independent centrist candidate for U.S. Senate in Kansas, has just gotten a huge break in that race.  The Democratic candidate has abandoned the race, leaving Orman in a head-to-head race with three-term Republican incumbent Pat Roberts.  Polls now show Orman with a narrow lead in that race.  (See the most recent poll results here.)  This race is much bigger than Kansas.  Orman, who is a smart and pragmatic candidate, has the potential to inspire other likeminded centrist candidates in future Senate races.  

The Centrist Project has endorsed Orman from the beginning, hoping for exactly this kind of dynamic.  Anyone who wants to change American politics needs to pay attention to this race, as I argued in my recent US News & World Report post:  "Kansas could be the loose thread that turns into a major political unraveling in America."  Read the full post here.

And spread the news about Greg Orman in Kansas!

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