On Governance

What do Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and even the budget impasse have in common?  They are all examples of how hard it is for large, diverse groups of people to figure out how they can live together.  When this process goes very badly, we resort to killing each other; when it goes much less badly, we get filibusters in DC.  I don't mean to imply moral equivalence between the two.  I do mean to highlight the fact that communal decision-making is hard, if not impossible, when different groups have conflicting visions of right and wrong.  It gets really hard when groups think God is on their side--and only on their side.

The best we can do is put some process around these inherent conflicts that enables us to forge a path forward.  Think of it this way:  Our nation was at its best when we channeled our differences into the Constitution.  We did less well during the Civil War.

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