Unite America's main goal is to elect independents to Congress and statehouses who will enact sensible policy compromises. You know, like those delegates at the Constitutional Convention in 1787.

Well—you might wonder—how would a centrist party be any different? 

A Project, NOT a Party.

Unite America was founded on six principles:

 1.   Fiscal responsibility;

 2.   Functioning government;

 3.   Economic opportunity;

 4.   Solving problems;

 5.   Social tolerance; and

 6.   Environmental responsibility.

Not your typical “party platform”, eh? That’s because Unite America is not a political party; we provide political infrastructure to help independents run competitive campaigns and enact moderate, nationally-supported policies.

Principles First. 

Just like the US Constitution, we support guiding principles over specific policy prescriptions. We believe incorporating a diversity of political perspectives can produce policies that are better for all.

That said, we exist because we are tired of politics as usual. We want 21st century governance, not today’s gridlock and polarization. And we won’t compromise on that.

Founded in 2013, NOT 1813.

Part of the reason our government is so broken is that our political institutions are so old. Just like our economy is constantly being disrupted by innovation, so should our political system! Competition is good. Innovation is good. That’s what we aim to create in politics.

Imagine a truly modern political organization—one that really utilizes technology, one that has never stood for racist ideologies, sexist laws, or discriminatory voting restrictions.

We are a project for our era.

Why Now?

George Washington once warned in his farewell address

However not supported not supported

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