This Alaska Representative Put People OverParty

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You might remember the story of Gary Knopp, the Republican Alaska representative who refused to caucus with his party when the legislative session began in January. 

For a quick recap, check out this video: 

We asked Uniters to send thank yous to Representative Knopp and his colleagues for putting people over party, and the response was overwhelming. We received hundreds of notes from across the country.

Here’s just a sample of what you all had to say: 

I am writing to express my gratitude and congratulations to you for your recent actions that put good governance over party. You are an example for the rest of America. Carry on!
- Barbara, PA
I just wanted you to know how amazing it is that you have all decided to work together to make your state government work for the people and not for the individual parties. You are a shining example of what true public servants should be.
- Jeremiah, MI
That's leadership, you should feel proud of yourselves, I know I am proud of you!
- Ethan, NJ
Thank you for serving as a great example for the rest of the country. We need to respect, listen to each other and find compromises.
- Marta, CA
Thank you for putting constituents over party. (Can you visit D.C. and teach them how to do it??)
- Diane, AL
Our country needs more leaders like yourselves that prioritize governance over polarization and paralysis. Thank you for representing your constituents *and* the common good.
- Aaron, CA
Thank you for showing the lower 48 what service and leadership means in working in a bipartisan way. You’re great role models. 
- Nancy, VT
My wife and I thank all of you for understanding that each of you were elected to serve ALL of your constituents!
- Dennis, WA
In times where loyalty to party is cherished deeply, oftentimes more so than what we know to be right and better for all; I appreciate your stand to act differently and choose another way for your constituents. Government will be better because of it. And, importantly, Alaska will be better.
- Amanda, GA
Thank you for showing what I feel the majority of American voters really want from the elected officials hired to run, not ruin, the nation. You’ve accomplished projecting positivity and hope. 
- Robert, OH
I think the way you have organized yourselves provides great hope that we can work across our differences and focus on the best ideas and outcomes rather than political parties.
- Josh, NV

People over party. It’s possible. 

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