Break the doom loop or it will soon break us

Nick Troiano
Executive Director
Unite America

Our country is facing a “doom loop” of partisanship and polarization; both major parties jeopardize long-term stability for short-term political gain.

This doom loop will continue unless there is intervention and a focus on democracy instead of winning power.

For the Fulcrum, Unite America Executive Director Nick Troiano explains the most effective way to break the doom loop is to enact nonpartisan reforms. He says

“There are a range of other reforms –– from eliminating partisan primaries to implementing ranked-choice voting –– that could have an even more powerful impact on the incentives of our leaders. While there is no silver bullet reform, any hope of de-escalating continuing political retribution will require politicians to reconsider how to achieve what is obviously most important to them: how they get elected.”

Read the full article on The Fulcrum.

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