Unite America announces its states program now under the banner of the Voters First Project

Unite America

Unite America announced today that its state programs in Arizona, Colorado, and Virginia [formerly Unite Arizona, Unite Colorado, and Unite Virginia respectively] will now operate under the banner of the Voters First Project

All three programs — now named Voters First Arizona, Voters First Colorado, and Voters First Virginia — will continue in their missions of advancing nonpartisan electoral reform through issue advocacy, electoral engagement, and coalition building to put voters first and foster a more representative and functional government.

The Voters First Project builds upon an already impressive legacy of nonpartisan work in just the last three years, with the expansion of ranked choice voting in Colorado 2021, the passage of redistricting reform in Virginia in 2020, and the work to protect access and ensure security of vote at home in Arizona.   

You can learn more about the Voters First Project here.

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