This is exactly how democracies die.

Brett Maney
Senior Communications Manager
Unite America

There is a consequence to our political dysfunction. 

It’s a consequence that’s bigger than bickering we see on TV, bigger than the finger pointing and grandstanding; it’s bigger than even the current impeachment crisis we find ourselves in.

These are just symptoms of our political dysfunction. The real consequences come in the American lives impacted; the families that still can’t afford healthcare, the houses that are destroyed from floods and fires, and the millions of individuals just struggling to get by. 

With that said, here are this week’s three things. 

  1. A headline that says it all: Our current economic boom is a mirage, and our politics are going to break it

I don’t usually make the headline of a story it’s lead for three things, but man: that’s a descriptive headline. Our political system is so caught in partisan bickering and political supremacy that it’s become completely incapable of handling actual legislative issues. 

As George Mason professor Steven Pearlstein points out, instead of embracing the “obvious compromises,” we “deny the problem, demonize those with whom we disagree and ostracize anyone who dares to compromise.” Soon, not only will our political system suffer, but our economic one as well. 

  1. Another perfect headline: The two-party system is killing our democracy

[Everyone say it with me now: CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. Please save your angry emails for another time.] If Professor Pearlstein’s piece didn’t convince you, take it from our friend Lee Drutman: the two-party system has eviscerated any chance of compromise or nuance. In today’s politics, you’re either with us or your against us, which means anyone who compromises is on the chopping block. 

“More and more Americans are afraid for our political future,” Drutman writes. “Our democracy is flashing warning signs; all-or-nothing hyper-partisanship is destroying the overarching norms of democratic stability, mutual toleration, and forbearance. This is exactly how democracies die.”

The upshot: we’re taking action to help scale the movement to solve our political crisis. Learn more here. 

  1. Finally: Swamp Stories.

The title says it all, doesn’t it? Check out this new podcast from our partners at Issue One. Big money in politics is a huge deal -- one that’s definitely preventing big legislation from passing. 

Their new podcast goes in-depth with former congressmen and experts who break down tales of lobbying and corrupt influence in DC. Check it out. 

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