Nathan Altman, US Senate - Indiana

Nathan Altman is a 30 year-old Indiana native and scrappy entrepreneur who’s built a career on being a maker and builder of things. He's running for US Senate in Indiana.

Running for: US Senate in Indiana


Nathan Altman is a 30 year-old Indiana native and scrappy entrepreneur who’s built a career on being a maker and builder of things. When you see him out in the community he’ll probably blend in with the hard-working people all around this state. He’ll probably be in a t-shirt and jeans - and when he’s not in the office, an occasional layer of saw dust.

Nathan was born and raised in Carmel. He grew up, like many Indiana boys, playing and watching sports, getting his hands dirty building projects out in the barn and spending a lot of time exploring the neighborhood. The Altman family has been in Indiana for generations with deep roots all around the state. His parents, Jon and Christine Altman have been fixtures in the central Indiana community, working in real estate, development, law and public service. His grandfather and uncle bought and ran the Studebaker plant in South Bend - producing the famous “Avanti II” until 1982. With graduates from IU, Purdue and Notre Dame, the Altmans have represented a host of Indiana institutions. The all remain close, living and working where Nathan grew up.

As he grew older, Nathan found and developed his passions - including robotics, design and construction - all while fostering a role as a social organizer.  Getting heavily involved in the innovative FIRST Robotics program at Carmel High School, Nathan began to really hone his building and technical skills, while also learning to work with a team. He went on to design and build sets for the theatre department, and stage managed Cinderella. He was elected his freshman class president, and went on to organize senior class charity events.

Somehow, he also found time to start his first business. Nathan took his lawn-mowing money and bought his first mower. Then a bigger one. Then a truck and trailer. Altman Pro Lawn grew into a serious, profitable business before Nathan was old enough to even drive the truck.

Nathan went on to Purdue University where he earned a degree in building and construction management in less than 3 years. Then he traveled the world - sometimes serving as crew on yachts on the high seas. He returned to help launch several new companies, invest in real estate with his dad and on his own and generally to just pour himself into the Indiana tech and development community. He helped launch the hugely successful DeveloperTown , creating the first DeveloperTown “office” with his own hands. He helped design and build The Speakeasy co-working space - a company now with four locations around Indianapolis. He bought, re-designed, and revitalized properties all over the state, turning them into new, innovative and useful spaces.

With life, not everything works out the first time. He launched a company called uFlavor, which while ultimately unsuccessful, taught him lessons that he has carried with him every day since. He went on to serve as COO for a successful start-up in San Francisco, Launch Media, as well as having his hands in a number of other entrepreneurial ventures.

Nathan's love of creating and building with communities got him involved with several large scaleBay Area art projects. Due to his construction expertise, he volunteered with and went on to lead the 2015 Temple build at Burning Man. Burning Man organizes a yearly gathering of nearly eighty thousand people who create a temporary city in the Nevada desert to experiment with art, community, friendship, and exploration. The challenging nature of the desert environment and the talented, driven community inspired Nathan to take a full time role with the organization. In 2016, Nathan managed hundreds of volunteers in the public works division, and in 2017 he led the design and construction of the famous “burning man.” For his work, he was given the nickname “Mary Poppins” - a moniker he has carried proudly since - alluding to his ability to drop in and bring joy, creativity and order to whatever he touches, leaving it better than he found it.

And now, he’s running for U.S. Senate. All this, by age 30. If you think he just might have what it takes to help the U.S. Senate function better while staying focused every day on who is in charge - the people of Indiana - then we invite you to join us.


Bio adapted from Nathan's website