More Inspiration from India

arvind_kejriwal.jpgI've just returned from a month in India.  I wrote earlier about the electoral success of the Aam Admi Party ("Common Man's Party") in the Delhi state elections.  What's happened since then is even more noteworthy.  In my travels around the country, I was struck by the excitement that the AAP and its leader Arvind Kejriwal have generated.  As the New York Times reports today, "The nation is fascinated by him. Never before in modern India have the elite and the poor agreed on a political matter, but now there is a consensus that Mr. Kejriwal is a hero of these times."

It's also amazing how quickly the traditional parties have responded as they wake up to this new electoral threat.  The primary focus of the AAP during the campaign was India's endemic corruption.  Suddenly India's traditional dominant national parties are focusing new energy on this issue.

Read the New York Times piece about the post-election response here.

All of this continues to persuade me that: 1) Americans are way too unimaginative when it comes to envisioning how the political process might change; and 2) Once a fresh political option does appear, it could take off quickly.

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