Moderate and Mad as Hell

Steve Seibert's new essay, Moderate and Mad as Hell, provides an insightful look into the moderate mindset and centrist beliefs. Seibert draws from Centrist Project founder Charles Wheelan's book and outlines The Centrist Principles that underlie the work of The Centrist Project. As Seibert writes, "This is what Centrists believe. The Centrists are without a home and I believe there are a bunch of us." Excerpt:

"The following is what I believe. I am a Centrist.

Dr. Charles Wheelan, professor at Dartmouth College and author of The Centrist Manifesto, explains the ideal:

"Identify the problem. Assess the causes. Evaluate the possible solutions. Recognize the legitimate differences of opinion. And then do something responsible. Our dysfunctional two-party system has lost its ability to do that."


Centrism is not some middle-ground compromise between conservative and liberal. Rather, the Centrist draws from the most compelling ideas from each Party. For example, Centrists respect the historical strength of the Republicans’ fiscal conservatism and appropriate skepticism of ever-enlarging government. The Centrist also admires the Democrats’ natural empathy for the truly disadvantaged and long-standing efforts to protect civil and personal rights. The list of respected accomplishments of both sides is long. But we have reached the point where many of us support positions articulated by both parties and reject certain ideas from both parties. It would be considered political heresy to mix them up. Centrists, Wheelan concludes, will “take the best ideas from each party, discard the nonsense, and build something new and better.”



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