Michelle Nunn Has a Surprise Opponent: She Can Win With Our Help

Big news! Jack Kingston, the presumed victor for the Georgia Republican runoff, lost to his opponent, businessman David Perdue. This was a long, bitter, divisive fight. It's good news for Michelle Nunn.

Kingston had been the favored candidate from the second a runoff was announced. He was the establishment candidate, favored by Republicans as the best choice to beat Nunn in November. His loss is a win for Nunn, and polls consistently show Michelle leading David Perdue. Yet – the race will still be a close one. That’s why Michelle needs our help.

We endorsed Michelle because we feel she is the kind of collaborative leader we need more of in Washington. She will work to end partisan bickering and put the American people first. You can learn more and support her candidacy here: https://centristproject.nationbuilder.com/michelle_nunn

Read more about the race: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/07/georgia-election-2014-michelle-nunn-david-perdue-jack-kingston-109252.html?hp=l3

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