Unite America Endorses Marty Grohman for U.S. House (ME-1)

New Poll Finds Terry Hayes’ Gubernatorial Campaign Gaining Steam

PORTLAND, ME –– Unite America, the only organization in the country dedicated to supporting independent candidates for public office, today announced its endorsement of State Rep. Marty Grohman in his campaign to represent Maine’s first congressional district.

The endorsement of Rep. Grohman is one of 30 Unite America has made nationally for independents running for state and federal office. Grohman is the only candidate the organization has endorsed running for U.S. House of Representatives.  

“Rep. Grohman is a true independent who has already demonstrated his ability to find common ground between both political parties and put the interests of his constituents first,” said Nick Troiano, Executive Director of Unite America. “We cannot keep sending Democrats and Republicans back to Congress and expecting anything to change –– it’s time for new leaders like Marty Grohman who can bridge the partisan divide.”

Independent voters now comprise a plurality of the electorate nationwide (44%, according to Gallup) and in Maine (35%, according to the Maine Secretary of State).

Unite America based its endorsement of Grohman based on his ability to run a competitive campaign and his alignment with the good governance principles of its “Declaration of Independents” –– including his commitment to put the people he serves above any political party or special interest.

A poll conducted by Unite America in July found that 74% of voters in the first congressional district would consider voting for an independent. More than a quarter of voters (27%) said they are more likely to support independent Marty Grohman because of Maine’s new ranked choice voting system, which eliminates the possibility of an independent candidate playing the role of “spoiler” by ensuring a winner with majority support.

“I’m honored to be a part of the Unite America movement, working with leaders from all across the state and country to chart a new way forward in our politics. One thing is crystal clear: we can't end the partisanship that has stopped Washington in its tracks if we keep sending more partisans to Congress.” Grohman said.  

“As I have in the Maine state legislature, if elected to Congress I will continue to represent the interest of all of my constituents, independent from any partisan or special interests,” he added.

Rep. Grohman grew up in Carthage on a small family farm and received a degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Marty launched CorrectDeck in 1999, a Maine based company that grew to employ 75 people. He served two terms in the state legislature, first as a Democrat and then as an independent.

As an endorsed candidate, Grohman gans access to the organization’s electoral infrastructure, donor network and grassroots community to support his campaign.

Maine Gubernatorial Polling

Unite America previously endorsed State Treasurer Terry Hayes for Governor, Crystal Canney for State Senate (SD-27), and Rep. Owen Casas (HD-94), Anne Gass (HD-67), Walter Riseman (HD-69), and Dennis Welch (HD-47) for State House.

A Slingshot Strategies poll conducted September 26-30th and reported by FiveThirtyEight found Terry Hayes campaign gaining traction, with an increase of six points to 10% over its previous poll in August; at the same time, the poll found the Republican candidate down by the same margin and trailing Democrat Janet Mills by eight points. The survey also reported that 65% of likely voters that it is important to elect more independents to statewide office in Maine.

“With support for Moody collapsing and Hayes rising, Maine’s gubernatorial race is still taking shape. Many successful independent candidates break late in the cycle, like several other highly contested gubernatorial races in the past several decades such as Jim Longley, Maine’s first independent governor,” added Troiano.

Founded by Charles Wheelan in 2013, a senior lecturer of public policy at Dartmouth College and author of the Centrist Manifesto, Unite America is a nationwide movement of Democrats, Republicans, and independents who are committed to bridging the growing partisan divide.


Unite America is a citizens movement to bridge the growing partisan divide by electing common sense, independent candidates to office. More information: www.UniteAmerica.org.

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