Marie Audet, VT SD Addison

Marie Audet is running for State Senate in the Addison District of Vermont. She is an advocate for small business and sustainable agriculture.

Marie Audet is a member of a large multigenerational dairy farm family, located in the Champlain Valley of Vermont. The Audet family was Vermont's pioneer 'Cow Power' farm, a creative partnership between their utility, their community and their farm. In 2012 they received an national award for Outstanding Dairy Farm Sustainability from the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy. Marie connects farm, food and community, in a time when we need to make products people want to buy, in a way that is healthy for the animals, our communities, and the environment  Marie has been featured in numerous science and agricultural publications, television, and other media outlets including the Washington Post's Live Future of Food, the PBS series America Revealed, Discovery Channel’s Planet Green the Dean of Invention, Vermont Public Television’s Protecting Champlain and feature length documentary Cow Power: the Film

Audet is eager to apply her independent thinking to the unique social, economic, and political challenges facing Vermont.