Making Headway on Bridging the Partisan Divide

If you are looking for alternative ways to drown out the noise of the partisan rhetoric dominating the airwaves, Twitter, and news headlines, here is a remedy. In the last month, I have been involved in four distinct, interactive events that have brought together a wide spectrum of political perspectives for civil dialogue:

These face-to-face gatherings were refreshing and energizing experiences that, above all else, instilled hope. All across the United States, our movement is building momentum through collective efforts with like-minded organizations that share a passion for fostering unity and facilitating problem-solving. Through these experiences, we have learned several key factors of success:

  1. Establish ground rules for listening and sharing. Our ABC’s of discussion are: Be… Accurate, Brief, and Courteous.
  2. Avoid “trigger” words and learn to use replacement words and phrases that communicate differences in a way that leads to productive discourse. Look out for my next guest blog with Unite America for a dynamic list of replacements and a more in-depth discussion about making this change.
  3. Consensus can be achieved and the government works best when a balanced solution respects the will of the majority, even as it protects the rights of the minority. James Madison covered this concept so eloquently in the Federalist Papers.

I encourage everyone to participate in these types of opportunities in your communities; they are sprouting up everywhere in Meetups, Facebook Groups, and local non-profits. Unite America’s mission may take more than one election cycle to come to complete fruition, but I believe that it is nonetheless worth pursuing to ensure a better future for our country and our children.


Rich Eng is the Chapter Leader of the Unite America Milwaukee Chapter.

Views and opinions expressed in guest posts do not necessarily reflect those of Unite America.