Laura Sibilia, VT HD-127

Rep. Sibilia has 15 years of leadership experience as an elected official and a diverse background working on economic development, public policy, project development and management and fundraising.


Rep. Laura Sibilia is running for re-election to the Vermont House Windham – Bennington district, a seat she has held as an independent since 2015. She has pledged to run a clean campaign and not accept money from lobbyists or political actions committees.

Rep. Sibilia has served as an elected member of the Dover school board and as Executive Director of the Mount Snow Valley Chamber of Commerce. During her time as Executive Director, she worked to bring together public and private entities for long-term economic development planning. She also helped run three public arts events, created a weekend long festival for Vermont wines, food, and art, and she helped lead the creation of local and regional long term economic development strategies to diversify and grow industry and jobs. Many aspects of Laura’s career demonstrate her love for her community and her desire to represent their interests.

Laura attended Champlain College and the Massachusetts College for Liberal Arts. She has lived in Southern Vermont for 31 years and currently lives in Dover with her husband, TJ, and her three children. She has lived in Southern Vermont for 31 years.