Unite America: Rollout Recap

Unite America is making national headlines.

On Feb. 26, we announced the first-ever credible, competitive, and coordinate slate of independent candidate for Governor and U.S. Senate across the country – along with our new “Declaration of Independents” that articulates the shared principles of our movement. We met with media and supporters at events in DC, NYC, LA and Seattle.

Check out some of the coverage below:

USA TODAY Op-Ed, Craig O'Dear & Neal Simon: "We're so divided we're helping our enemies. Independents like us can fix this."


“The alarmingly effective attacks on our democracy that exploit our divisions should serve as a clarion call for Democrats, Republicans and independents to join together in a common cause to re-unite America. In 2018, electing independent leaders who can bridge the growing partisan divide and put country over party is a good place to start."

ABC News’ Emily Goodin: “Independent candidates unite to support each other's campaigns”


“Troiano argues there is a path for independents. ‘If you vote a Democrat or a Republican you know what you’re getting, which is the status quo,’ he said. ‘The biggest way to make a difference and the best way to send a message is to tell the parties they’re not entitled to our votes, they have to earn them.’”

Daily Beast’s Eleanor Clift: “Can This Group Help America Break Out of Its Two-Party Trap?”


“Unite America is not a third party. If anything, it’s an ‘un-party,’ say its adherents. Based in Colorado, it looks for like-minded candidates to endorse and support who sign on to its “Declaration of Independents,” broad principles of common ground and common-sense policies that put the public interest first, along with “the timeless values of opportunity, equality, and stewardship.”

RealClearPolitics Op-Ed, Greg Orman & Terry Hayes: "Independents Can Unite America."


"Voters want change, but continuing to elect Democrats and Republicans to office year after year and expecting things to be different won’t do it. The parties need new competition –– as when independent Bill Walker was elected governor of Alaska in 2014. A new movement we are helping to lead –– Unite America –– is offering that competition by recruiting and supporting common-sense, independent candidates across the country."

AXIOS' Alayna Treene: "Why independents think 2018 will be their year"


"We've seen several centrist campaigns like this before, and none have been overly successful in challenging the country's two-party system. But the group and its candidates argue that the current state of extreme partisan politics in America, something that most Americans say they are dissatisfied with, creates an opportunity for them to move the needle forward.”

POLITICO's Isaac Dovere: "Statewide independents roll out national slate"


"Unite America, the group backing and supporting independent statewide candidates attempting to capitalize on the current post-partisan political moment, will officially announce its slate of three governor candidates and two Senate candidates on Tuesday...Core staff is helping candidates find donors, staff and publicity and build campaign infrastructure with the aim of forcibly changing the political system through winning races."

Wall Street Journal’s Joshua Jamerson: "Is 2018 the Year Independent Candidates Find Success?"


“Successful third-party candidates are few and far between in the U.S., in part because they tend to lack the national donor networks and on-the-ground infrastructure utilized by the nation’s two main political parties. But what if more money and outside energy were tossed behind an effort to get political independents unbeholden to a party elected? By throwing its weight behind more centrist politicians, Unite America is attempting to do this, partly by tapping the resources of its deep-pocketed donors.”

Kansas City Star’s Bryan Lowry: "‘9.0 earthquake’: Kansas, Missouri at epicenter as independents try to upend politics"


"Unite America Founder Charles Wheelan said independents are the fastest-growing group of voters nationally and independent candidates should no longer be seen as spoilers. 'When you’re the largest voter bloc, you shouldn’t have to justify why you’re in the race,' he said."

Associated Press' Ahmed Namatalla: "Independents challenge 2-party system with Washington pick"


"A group of political independents that includes Alaska Gov. Bill Walker has endorsed a candidate for the Washington state Legislature, part of a plan to mount a national challenge to the two-party system at this year’s midterm elections.

Unite America, formerly known as the Centrist Project, said it has raised $3 million to help re-elect Walker and fund gubernatorial candidates in Maine and Kansas, Senate candidates in Missouri and Maryland, in addition to state legislative hopefuls in Colorado and Washington."

Seattle Times Op-Ed: Chris Vance and Dr. Brian Baird: "Independent candidates are the best hope for common-sense problem solving"


"Independent candidates are precisely what is needed to bring about real change and real progress where the parties are failing today. The political tectonics are shifting. A new movement is here and is growing rapidly. We invite you to join us."

The Hill Op-Ed, Nick Troiano: Independents can bring innovation to politics


"Ten years ago, few Americans would imagine renting a room in a stranger’s home or hailing a cab with their phone. Ten years from now, electing leaders who run and serve in office independently of a political party may be just as commonplace. Innovation can bring greater choice, customization, and competition into the political marketplace, just as it has in every other aspect of our lives."

Smerconish.com's James Piltch: "A political revolution –– toward the middle?"


"Are you, like many Americans, frustrated with your party’s candidates and our country’s partisan drama? Well, I have good news for you. There are an increasing number of politicians running for office as true Independents committed to political reform."

Yahoo's Jon Ward: "Independent group, now called Unite America, names its Senate candidates — all two of them"


"Unite America’s core message has broad appeal. Orman said they want to upend a system in which 'you win elections by painting your opponent as the most extreme version of themselves and trying to make voters afraid of them or hate them... We can find common ground on almost every major issue that divides us,' he said."

Crosscuts' Anna Minard: "Starting small: Washington centrists find themselves a candidate"


“'Partisanship is a disease that has infected our politics,'” said a joint statement from Washington Independents co-chairs Chris Vance and Brian Baird. 'We believe Dr. Diamond can be part of the cure as an independent leader in the Washington Legislature'...

Today’s announcement was part of a national press tour by the group Unite America, formerly known as the Centrist Project, which this week released a slate of independent candidate endorsements for statewide races — gubernatorial candidates in Alaska, Maine and Kansas, and U.S. Senate candidates in Missouri and Maryland. In addition to Washington Independents, Unite has local affiliates in Maine and Colorado.

Mic's A.P. Joyce: "2018 may not be a great year for political centrists — but they do have one good idea"

“'I think on even our country’s most difficult issues there’s a lot of common ground,' Neal Simon, an independent candidate for U.S. Senate in Maryland said in an interview. 'I think most of America feels that way and they’re desperate for leaders to compromise and bring the country together.'"

Inside Sources’ Erin Mundahl: “Unite America, the Political Party That’s Not a Party, Announces Slate of Five Candidates”


“Simon and his fellow candidates emphasize that they seek to find real solutions to government problems by focusing on fiscal responsibility, competition, transparency, and by working together with members of both parties. On a state level, this has been successful, says Walker, who won the Alaska governor’s mansion after his former Democratic opponent dropped out of the race to join his ticket as lieutenant governor. Walker’s cabinet has continued this bipartisan approach.”


We’ll update this post as additional press is published!

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