Kathy Knecht, AZ SD 21

Kathy Knecht has been a registered independent for 22 years in the West Valley, serving on non-profit boards, on service groups, as a non-profit director, and as an elected school board member.


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Kathy Knecht is running for Arizona State Senate in legislative district 21 located in the West Valley. Knecht’s dedication to the West Valley has led her to serve as a public school board member for over ten years, as a Girl Scout Leader for fifteen years, and as a board member for eight different organizations.

Knecht has been a registered independent for 22 years. She has allies on both sides of the aisle and engages community stakeholders and represents constituents in a non-partisan manner. In her campaign, she pledges not to make deals or do favors in exchange for influence as she answers to the people, not a party nor special interests.  

Knecht holds a B.A in Elementary Education from Arizona State University and an M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Arizona State University.