Jonathan Jenkins, US Senate -Texas

Jonathan is a proud son of Euless, TX, where he was raised by a single mother and his maternal grandparents. He's a lifelong entrepreneur who has founded a number of tech-enabled startups.

Running for: US Senate in Texas


Jonathan is a businessman, social entrepreneur, husband, father and proud Texan. He has started several technology companies, most recently founding and leading WithMe, a company with the mission to create the largest global network of short-term physical retail stores to help brands of all sizes grow exponentially.

Jonathan grew fascinated with Chinese language and culture early in life, and learned Mandarin at Middlebury College. He lived in China, where he initially taught English and went on to work in the retail clothing industry. In 2007, he returned to the U.S., founding his first company, Zida. 

After meeting his wife Danielle, the couple founded OrderWithMe, helping small business owners buy retail items in bulk. 

Jenkins is also the founder of the Indie Party, an organization that allows people to control how ideas, time and money is shared with our elected leaders. The Indie Party is focused on helping candidates running outside the two party system and uses innovative Blockchain technology to crowdsource support -- including money -- for candidates while maximizing transparency. Jenkins will appear as an an independent on the ballot, but has the endorsement of the Indie Party. 

Jonathan currently lives in Euless with his wife Danielle and son Jake.