John D.

Tell Us About Yourself.

My name is John Daniel. I was born in Israel, and immigrated to America when I was 12 years old. I had dreams of coming to the United States to achieve the American dream. Coming from humble beginnings, I was raised by a single mother who worked two jobs to support the family. I started my first business at 16 selling used shoes and clothes out of an old car, and have been a businessman ever since. I owned my own clothing line, a thriving shipping company, and a moving business. I am and have been entirely self-motivated and ambitious. I am now investing in the tech sector. I am a father of three and I am focused on investing my time, energy, and resources in the incredible source of innovation in the tech sector; especially here in California.

What Does Being A "Centrist Mean" To You, And Why Did You Get Involved?

Being a Centrist to me means being realistic about important issues and policies. That will allow leaders to put ideology aside and push meaningful policies into action.  This will further help move America forward faster and more efficiently with the economy, foreign policy, and healthcare.

I noticed that the balance of power in this country in Congress blocks important legislation of much needed policies. Both Republicans and Democrats work against each other and fail to pass important legislation that would help American infrastructure, healthcare and social welfare. It even affects the Supreme court and its supposed non-partisan ideology. Democrats and Republicans govern with their ideology and self-interest first; and the American people second. 

What Is A Policy Issue You Are Passionate About And Why?

I am concentrating my efforts on the economy and healthcare. Those are the major issues that need fixing. I believe in the single payer system.  All Americans are entitled to Universal Health Care.  This will in turn, solve a lot of structural issues with businesses that suffer from unnecessary spending that is wracked with fraud. 

How Do You Think We Can Unite Our Country And Fix Politics?

We need more freedom and empowerment of local governments as opposed to empowering the 535 members of Congress. We should enable local governments to levy more taxes while limiting federal taxes so that local issues can be addressed by self-governance. No longer will a citizen in Sioux Falls, South Dakota have to pay for items that another citizen in Alexandria, Virginia receives with permission from Washington.  Power needs to go to the hands of the American people. Take money out of Washington and give it to the municipalities. Less bureaucracy and more power to the people. Foreign policy and the economy will no longer be dictated by special interest groups with deep pockets. No longer will big pharma and big business influence Congress with money and promises. Let’s get down to what the American people need. More power in their hands. Bring politics down to the local level.  

Anything Else You'd Like To Add?

I am optimistic that America can better herself and get back to the country that is by the people, for the people. This is the best country on earth. Let’s get out of our own way and keep the power out of the hands of the few and into the hands of the many where it belongs.


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