Jeremy Peruski, MI CD-10

Jeremy was raised on a dairy farm, has spent 20+ years working with leading technology companies in the US and China and knows the threats and opportunities that face America’s future.

Running for: US House in Michigan


Jeremy Peruski was raised on a small dairy farm in Deckerville, where he and his five siblings were taught the importance of hard work and collaboration. At 44 years old, he has spent his career working with leading technology companies in the US and China, learning firsthand the threats and opportunities that Michigan will face in the future. Jeremy is running to be a voice for the hard-working American families of Michigan’s 10th Congressional District. Jeremy is running as an Independent because he believes your representative should only be responsible to the voters who send him to Washington. Not political party leaders, special interests or corporate donors.

Jeremy also believes his experience—shaped as much by his time on the farm in Deckerville as by his time doing business in China—gives him a unique perspective on how to best position Michigan as a leader for the advanced industries and jobs of tomorrow. His experience abroad has shown him that the rest of the world is catching up in the areas that always made Michigan strong. He is certain that unless America leads the world in advanced industries like electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, and robotics, countries like China will further threaten our global leadership. With his understanding of the world’s changing economy, Jeremy is prepared to do all that is necessary to keep our district competitive in an increasingly globalized world.