Jeff Evangelos, ME HD - 91

Jeff Evangelos is running for the Representative seat of Maine's House District 91. Jeff holds a wealth of political experience including previous service in the House from 2012 to 2016. Jeff is also a Clean Elections Candidate.

Jeff Evangelos holds a wealth of political experience; at the age of 23 he served as town manager and has continued his involvement in public administration ever since. Jeff served in the Maine House from 2012 to 2016 after which he went on to volunteer with the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Jeff's political priorities parallel the needs of his community and district. His focus is aimed at providing his constituents with livable wages, affordable health care, as well as increasing state aid to the public school system. Jeff also holds environmental welfare in high regard: he opposes offshore oil drilling and aims to support solar energy legislation. Additionally, Jeff is running as a Clean Elections Candidate. 

Jeff currently lives in Friendship, Maine, with his wife Harolyn. The couple have two children and three grandchildren.