Recap: National Supporter Call with Matthew Dowd

On Tuesday, January 24 Centrist leaders and activists gathered together on a National Support Call to discuss this past election and the future of the country.

Matthew Dowd, Chief Political Analyst for ABC News, kicked of the call by recapping the divisive 2016 election. He said that last year’s presidential campaigns further divided an already polarized country and has made it harder for our elected officials to solve problems. The good news? According to Dowd, there has not been a better time in the last 100 years for an independent, who can work outside the partisan system, to get elected.

Already this year we have seen how recently elected Independents can make a difference. Owen Casas, an independent State Legislator in Maine, spoke of how his independent status has created a “shoulder dropping effect” among his colleagues on both sides of the aisle; enabling him to work with members in either party to solve the problems facing voters in his state.

However, just because Independents are needed in government and wanted by over 40% of voters does not mean that the road to electing them will be easy. A number of former independent candidates and campaigners shared obstacles they have faced in their efforts.

This is why we at The Centrist Project are proud to roll out our Grassroots and Membership programs this month. By organizing on the state and local level, we can build the infrastructure independents need to succeed.

Our movement is already quickly growing. On the call, Centrist Leaders Keith and Dory shared their experiences of starting chapters in their respective states and how in only a couple of short weeks they have already had meetings and activities planned with other Centrists in their community.

You can listen to the call in its entirety and hear all of these stories by clicking the link below.

And you can get involved with the Grassroots Program by following this link and filling out the form. Also, don’t forget to sign up to become one of our Founding Members.

All across the country, Americans are standing up and demanding an alternative outside of the two major parties; help us give them one!


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