Spotlight on an Independent: Jack Perry

As a result of the growing dissatisfaction with the major parties, passionate Americans all across the country are stepping up to run for office as an independent. Among these candidates is Jack Perry. 

Jack a native of Southington, CT started his own business in 2008 while he was still attending high school. We caught up with Jack after he announced his candidacy for a seat on Southington's Town Council. 

What is your story?

I have been a lifelong resident in Southington, CT. I learned early on what it means to put in a hard day’s work, and earn your fair share. At 13, I rolled up my sleeves and put in sweat equity with my family’s landscaping business. While in high school, I participated in Southington High School’s vocational agriculture program (FFA), and graduated in 2008. Upon graduating, I started my own small business, HQ Dumpsters & Recycling. While fighting the winds of the Great Recession, I successfully grew my business within Southington, as well as surrounding towns. Since incorporating my business, I have been enthusiastically involved in charitable giving, whether it be supporting local non-profits or charities, town events or sporting events, I have made it my priority to do what I can to give back to the community that gave me everything I have. I am running for Southington Town Council because I believes in community involvement, and the betterment of this great town.

Why is public service at the local level important to you?

It is important that our town has leaders that are passionate about the issues that directly affect Southington. Making a difference in the lives of the residents of my town is important to me.

Why did you decide to run as an independent? 

I have seen our two parties in our town, and think they’re broken. I think they’ve lost their identity. They seemingly got involved for the right reason, and eventually got tied up with partisanship. I want to be a true voice for the people and not be affected by party politics.

What is something you offer voters in your area that other candidates can't? 

I am a small business owner in town, I am young and driven, and I believe that it is imperative that we plot out a long-term trajectory for our town’s priorities and welfare.

What has your experience been like running as an independent?

 I have been honored to receive the support I’ve garnered thus far, but it is also challenging because I am building an infrastructure from the ground up due to my unaffiliated status. Having said that, I enjoy challenges, and so far, this has been a rewarding learning experience.

What is a policy issue that you care about and why?

While cities and towns have the majority of their budgets tied to the state budget, there are ways that we can streamline our town’s budget for the future. Instituting 5, 10, or 15 year framework budgets is practical so we can prepare ourselves for any unforeseen shortfall or surplus.

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy the outdoors, volunteering, charitable work/giving, hunting, fishing, spending time with family, playing with my dogs, to name a few.

Want to know more?

Visit Jack Perry's Website at or reach out directly at

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