Introducing: Unite America

The following announcement was originally published on January 4th, 2018, at

As we enter 2018, our movement is on the precipice of making a transformational impact on our increasingly dysfunctional and divided political system.

Together, over the last year, we have laid a strong foundation by recruiting extraordinary independent leaders to run for office and building an unprecedented infrastructure to support them.

As our effort grew and evolved, it became clear to us that our name and brand needed to as well. We desired a new identity that strongly reflects our core belief that it’s our unity, and the values we share in common, that has always been the source of our nation’s strength.

It’s right there in our national motto: E pluribus unum. Out of many, one.

We are excited to share with you that the Centrist Project has become Unite America.



The largest chasm in our politics is no longer between left vs. right or Democrats vs. Republicans; it’s between those who want to divide us for their own benefit vs. those who want to unite us for the common good.

On one hand, the political parties, news media, and interest groups drive wedges between us every day to win votes, drive ratings and raise money. On the other hand, Unite America aims to be a powerful force for unity.

Unite America is the “why” of our movement.

It’s a call to action that can galvanize our supporters and candidates alike: Unite.

It’s an identity that anyone who shares our vision can adopt; without having to abandon any other affiliations. All of us can be Uniters.

It’s a brand that will serve to link a growing network of local and state organizations:


Our tagline represents the strongest bond between both our supporters and candidates: the belief in putting Country Over Party. It channels the vision of our Founders for a representative form of government that serves “We, the people” –– not the narrow interests of political factions.



Furthermore, Unite America is a rejection of zero sum politics that pits red against blue, and instead offers an invitation to join team red, white, and blue. Our logo boldly introduces white into the color pallet of our politics as the third force that can bring us together.

Unite America may be a new name, but we remain as dedicated as ever to our core mission.

We are a movement of Democrats, Republicans, and independents who are committed to repairing our politics and restoring the American dream for future generations. And we are an organization that is committed to electing common sense, independent candidates who can bridge the growing partisan divide.

Our focus will still to be on our “Fulcrum Strategy” of electing coalitions of independents to narrowly divided legislatures –– on both a state and national level –– where they can control the balance of power and use their extraordinary leverage to forge common ground solutions to pressing challenges.

Rather than demanding allegiance to a new top-down party or rigid ideology, we will continue to unite around some common sense principles and a common ground approach to governing. We stand for fiscal & environmental stewardship, economic opportunity, and equality under the law. We put country over party, follow the facts, and work together to solve problems.

And we will remain political centrists in the truest sense of the term: those who are willing to champion the best ideas, no matter where they come from.

Unite America is our next chapter and a new way forward for our politics.

There is no panacea for the division and dysfunction of our politics, but Unite America will offer independent leadership as a critical ingredient in how we can overcome growing political polarization and partisanship.

Thank you for joining on this journey with us.