Spotlight on an Independent: Adam Eggleston

As a result of the growing dissatisfaction with the major parties, passionate Americans all across the country are stepping up to run for office as independents. Among these candidates is Adam Eggleston, running for the District 2 representative seat in Fort Collins' City Council. We caught up with Adam to ask him about his experience as an independent candidate. 


What’s the best part of being an independent candidate?

I enjoy being independent as working with both sides to find solutions to issues and problems often leads to innovative answers.  This is incredibly fun for me to discover. Working to find compromises, rather than taking one side or the other, is the best way to manage and govern. This is possible because I am not beholden to either party or idealistic movements. For me being an independent is the best way to serve the people that I represent. 

Why do you think we need to elect more centrist independents today?

I believe that we need independent candidates now more than ever because we need to find pathways to common ground. Having people in positions to help move the conversation forward, with the willingness to compromise to best serve as many citizens is key to a solution-oriented government. By electing independents now, we can start changing the conversations from arguments to discussions and bring our county to a more cooperative place

Why did you decide to run for office?

I have been involved on various levels of my city governance for the past 5 years and felt it was time to run for city council in Fort Collins. The city is finishing up our 25-year master plan, and I want to help manage the plan and the growth so that my generation will still be able to afford to and want to live, work, and play in Fort Collins. Working on the plan as an ambassador for the last year, has set me up to be able to work with other city officials to make sure Fort Collins stays the Choice City for decades to come.

What is the toughest challenge of serving as a centrist independent?

The toughest challenge is getting our voices heard over the shouting that happens too often when having a political conversation. It seems to be that we are in a culture that thrives on sensationalism rather than compromises and communication. I think once we can enter a conversation with folks on either side of a issue we can find common ground and continue forward. I also believe that the two party machine of a system makes any state or national run nearly impossible due to the extreme amount of money they can pour into campaigns.

If you could resolve one issue in your city, what would it be and why?

I live in a great city, but the biggest challenge we are facing is the growing inability to find affordable and attainable of housing in Fort Collins. There is no magic bullet when it comes to housing attainability, but I want to work to reduce regulations in order to allow different housing types, develop opportunities to increase density appropriately and to give our citizens a better chance at moving up in our city. This is a problem that impacts everything from employers not moving here due to a lack of housing options, to folks having to live in other cities and having to commute in for work. For our city, I want to make it so people can live, work, and play in Fort Collins. Giving them a place to call home is key to achieving that goal.



Adam is a future-focused individual looking to guide Fort Collins over the next few decades of growth and change. 

Learn more on Adam's website

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