Great centrist groups worth checking out

Centrists tend to be uniters, not dividers. So we get asked all the time what groups we know about working in the areas of political and electoral reform, cross-partisan/transpartisan dialogue, civic discourse, and pragmatic policy.

This list is by no means extensive. We're sure you can add to it - please comment below with suggestions for groups to add, and we'll update this list moving forward.

Many thanks to the volunteers who built this list, including James Davis (aka The Amalgamist) and Phillip Slater, plus members of the Transpartisan listserv too numerous to mention.

Please check back soon for our list of recommended news and opinion sites!


Asteroids Club - NYU professor Jonathan Haidt’s TED talk on the Asteroids Club launched new approach devoted to understanding and respecting the moral motives of one’s enemies. 

Center Forward - A forum for cross-party dialogue, Center Forward supports Members of Congress, from both parties, who are trying to cut the deficit in a responsible manner. 

The Center Strikes Back - Author Larry Bradley’s site offers a range of ideas for reforming the electoral system and improving civil dialogue.

Coffee Party USA - Promotes civil, inclusive, fact-based, solution-oriented dialogue. We've been watching the Coffee Party since its inception, and cheering as it becomes an increasingly relevant voice of political reason.

Common Sense Action - A grassroots organization devoted to bringing Millennials to the policymaking table and building a movement of Millennial voters commited to generational fairness, investment in future generations, and repairing politics. 

Convergence Center for Policy Resolution - This ahead-of-its-time center brings together stakeholder groups whose cooperation is needed to find solutions to national issues. Good stuff on their site - it's a must read.

The Can Kicks Back - A Millennial-led nonprofit dedicated to fixing the national debt. Remember the insanely viral “Alan Simpson Gangnam Style” video? That’s them. 

#EndPartisanship - A coalition of groups, including The Centrist Project, just launched a legal battle to make political parties pay for their own primaries. 

IndependentVoting - A national center working to connect and empower Americans who identify themselves as Independents. The founders, including president Jackie Salit, helped build the national Reform Party but now focus on offering tactical support to independent activists and organizations. 

Living Room Conversations - Similar in approach to The Asteroids Club and Village Square, Living Room Conversations offers great tools for hosting political conversations among people with very different viewpoints.

No Labels - Helps build bridges among members of Congress, and promotes a series of procedure reforms designed to help “make Congress work.”

Olympia's List - Former U.S. Senator Olympia Snow (R-VT) focuses on breaking through political polarization. Her PAC supports candidates who dedicated to consensus building. Her site is fairly basic, we prefer to follow her on Facebook (

Represent.US - Supports reforms to end the power of money in politics. 

Rootstrikers - Lawrence Lessig's Rootstrikers are taking a stand against money in politics. 

Run for America - David Burstein, a founding member of The Centrist Project and bestselling author, is launching Run for America. He describes it as a “post-partisan initiative designed to fix our dysfunctional politics by strategically supporting a new generation of highly talented leaders, innovators, social change agents, entrepreneurs, and outside the box thinkers for public office. Run for America will recruit, support, and elect 10-20 candidates for U.S. House races in the 2016 election. In the process, these campaigns will engage and inspire disaffected voters, encourage other likeminded people to run for office, and force incumbent politicians to respond.” 

The Village Square - This group organizes incredible programming to create the “town hall of the 21st century across the partisan divide.” A recent dinner, “The Seven Deadly Sins, examined: “Why don’t liberals seem to care about moral behavior and the moral communities that support it? Why don’t conservatives seem to care about rampant public corruption at the heart of our political system? If we care about doing the right thing, can’t we care about both?” 

Voice of the People: Campaign for a Citizens Cabinet - VOP is trying to build a digitally-connected group of 100,000 citizens to give national leaders their input during the policymaking process.




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