CenterLine: Great candidates and dirty apes

Worth watching: Matt Miller, the rock-star Washington Post columnist who frequently writes in support of independent and third-party political options, just announced he's running for Congress. Here's why.

Dave Walker mulls a run: The widely respected independent former U.S. comptroller general may run for CT lieutenant governor. 
Don't let a dirty ape throw poo at you!
 Here's a fun video to help you explain why "first past the post" voting is a terrible, terrible idea. Courtesy of C.G.P. Grey and his awesome YouTube channel. (h/t James Davis)

Party foul: Alex Altman and Zeke Miller on why parties no longer control campaigns.

Free agents: Why CA voters are going independent.

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 Urging IRS end “dark money” in US politics by limiting tax-exempt nonprofits' influence in elections 

Mobile_sm.jpg@HotlineJosh: Ouch, : “He has all the intellectual horsepower of yogurt" (Re: Charlie Crist, the hugger in chief)

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