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Tell us about yourself: who you are, where you're from, etc.

My name is Grant Adams, I am a Political Science-Pre Law major at Ohio University, and I am a Centrist. I am from Meigs County, a rural area of southeastern Ohio.

What does being a "Centrist" mean to you, and why did you get involved?

From my perspective, being a "Centrist" means being rational enough to realize that the American people will not benefit from blind partisanship. It means that those of us who believe in common sense approaches to issues that face our great nation now have a party (or an "Unparty") to call their own that they can fully get behind and support. Being a Centrist in all but name for the past three years, I decided to mobilize myself in this because I see in this movement a means by which we can shift the focus of American politics from partisanship and competition to the issues at hand, and then address them in the way that best solves the problem, rather than fitting our response into a party narrative. I hope to begin, along with my fellow Centrists, to form a group that will take hold of our political system and return it to common sense thinking, true patriotism, and rationality once again.

What is a policy issue you are passionate about and why?

The issue in which I find the most passion is that of economics. It is an area in which our centrism can come to fruition in dealing with business, poverty, and virtually every other area of policy. We have to balance short-term growth strategies with long-term regulations to ensure that our economy is one that works from the ground up while also encouraging growth and innovation. The economy is at the heart of every American's individual struggle, and has been affected by partisan politics for far too long. A Centrist party could truly bring the correct approach back to the forefront of the discussion and improve the lives of millions.

How do you think we can unite our country and fix our politics?

I feel that a Centrist party, if it were able to proquire enough power in local, state, and even federal government, would be able to force both major parties to appeal to the 70% of Americans that are not pleased by either of them with an approach that lines up with ours: one of rationality, common sense, and moderation. Balancing toleration with responsibility, compassion with rationality, and charity with wisdom are all things that the American people can identify with and can bring the two-party system to its knees. I feel that a return to policy, not partisanship, is what this nation not only needs but is calling for, and our movement can deliver that.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Thank you for giving moderates and Centrists like myself a voice, a platform, and a fellowship to unite with. This movement is one that will change American politics forever if it's members and subscribers are willing to be the change that we seek.

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