Centrist Election Results

We congratulate our endorsed candidates and our ballot measure partners on their excellent work this cycle. Fighting to improve democracy is difficult but important work, and we thank them for their leadership. Together, it’s time to unite and fix a political system that is in tremendous need of repair.

We are proud to have made several important steps in that direction. Voters in Maine and Colorado passed ballot measures we supported to implement Ranked Choice Voting and open party primaries to independent voters, demonstrating a large desire for political reform and innovation. In addition, over 130,000 voters in Alaska, New York, and Kansas cast ballots for three independent candidates we endorsed for US Senate and US House seats, putting deeper cracks into the two-party duopoly. And, with the help of our members, we’ve forged an active community pushing for pragmatic changes.

You can read the statement we released about the election here.


Endorsed Candidates

US Senate race, Alaska:

- Lisa Murkowski (R): 44% (99,823)

- Joe Miller (Libertarian): 29%

**Margaret Stock (Independent): 14% (32,269)

- Metcalfe (Democrat): 11% (25,763)

- Breck Craig (Independent): .8% (1,814)

- Ted Gianoustous (Independent): .6%

NY-22, US House Race:

- Claudia Tenney (R): 47% (120,777)

- Kim Meyers (D): 40% (103,955)

**Martin Babinec (ended up on the Reform Party / Libertarian ballot line at the last minute, which we believe led to voter confusion and undercounting of results): 13% (32,303)

 KS-1st, US House Race:

- Roger Marshall (R): 66% (166,051)

**Alan LaPolice (I): 26% (66,218)

- Kerry Burt (Libertarian): 7% (18,415)

Endorsed Ballot Measures

- Maine Ranked Choice Voting: PASSED

- Let Colorado Vote: Proposition 107 and 108 PASSED

--107: Yes 64%; No 36%

--108: Yes 52%, No 48%


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