Dominick S.

Tell Us About Yourself.

I'm a second semester senior at Lake Forest College, a small liberal arts school outside of Chicago. I'm studying politics with supplemental minors in urban studies and entrepreneurship. I'm originally from Wheaton, Illinois but Chicago is truly my home. I'm currently looking for post-grad job opportunities across the political spectrum.

What Does Being A "Centrist" Mean To You, And Why Did You Get Involved?

In life I have always found myself in the middle. In 2008, I fell in love with politics and the message the Barack Obama brought to political mainstream. Basically a message that promoted working together and finding that American consensus or center. During high school and college I started to become politically active, I worked on campaigns for candidates from both major parties. My parents always encouraged me to work for candidates that promoted policies I believed in, regardless of party. As the 2010s went on, I witnessed a rapid rise in partisanship in American politics. Suspicion, mistrust and a lack of communication led me to believe that political gridlock would go on forever.
Then I read Skowronek in an American politics class and was educated on the so-called "Third-Way". I hoped that one day soon the American center would become mainstream and a new intellectual, pragmatic and inclusive political force would rise. To me, a centrist is someone who is in between the two radical groups on the left and right. Attempting to bring together the political both forces for the greater good or at least creating a dialogue between both sides. Centrist politics are also more nimble, allowing candidates and constituents alike to decide on each issue instead of sticking to a clunky and outdated party platform.

What Is A Policy Issue You Are Passionate About And Why?

I'm very passionate about infrastructure and innovation. Both parties talk a lot about improving our infrastructure and fostering economic innovation but little is ever done. If America is unable to build new infrastructure and innovate we'll fall behind as a country.


How Do You Think We Can Unite Our Country And Fix Politics?

America needs to get focused on a goal again. During the second half of the 20th century that goal was protecting the west against the Soviet Union. Policymakers wanted to beat the Soviet Union in every way, from the space race to chess. Today, America is spending more time dividing ourselves over politics than ever before and I believe that is because of a lack of goal setting. If Congress set concrete goals on the hill that the government, business and the everyday citizen could work towards I think we would be well on our way to fixing politics.

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