Dems Are Stuck in the Disco Era

I began to think about why the Democratic Party frustrates me so, and I realized that it's not because they care about the wrong things, but rather that the Dems are throwing the same tired tools (raise the minimum wage, regulate the auto industry, fight trade agreements) at new and more complicated problems.  

As I noted for this week's column in US News & World Report:  "The problem with the Democrats is that their policy ideas are stuck in the 70s. The party is stale. True, there have been exciting Democratic candidates (e.g. Barack Obama). And if Hillary runs in 2016, the prospect of the first female president will be exhilarating for many. But these are just new faces espousing an approach to governance that hasn’t changed appreciably since wide ties and sideburns."

Read the full column here.  There are some fun "American Hustle" comparisons.

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