Cruz, Cornyn and a HUGE step toward ending partisan elections

Cruz.jpgTed "My Way or the Highway" Cruz: One of Congress' biggest obstructionists just doubled down on do-nothing politics. Sen. Ted Cruz opened the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in D.C. today by mocking those calling for unity and inclusion. The Wall Street Journal has the story here.

Cornyn's funders: Speaking of Texas, John Cornyn won his Texas Senate Republican primary in a landslide this week. MapLight (a really awesome tool to help voters and journalists connect the dots of money and influence) just posted a breakdown of who funded the major candidates in the race.

Jersey Strong: A lawsuit filed yesterday in NJ challenges the constitutionality of partisan primary elections. In a release about the suit, the #EndPartisanship campaign said, "Over 47% of New Jersey voters choose not to register with a political party and 42% of American voters now self-identify as Independent or unaffiliated voters, yet most states have primary systems that give political parties special access to the voting franchise and penalize voters who do not wish to join a political party." Read more here. 

United States of Marijuana?: The Street and the NYT note that legalization efforts are underway in both red states and blue states, while a desire to reduce drug-related prison sentences is uniting  tea party stalwart Sen. Rand Paul and U.S. attorney general Eric Holder. May you live in interesting times …. (h/t James Davis)

Immigration innovation: Reason posts a libertarian proposal for immigration reform. Do you think their ideas would work? Share your thoughts by commenting on the CenterLine blog post.


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