The Centrist Project Voice Announces Results of Drive to Support Moderate Candidates

Washington, DC – The Centrist Project Voice today announces preliminary results of their drive to support the campaigns of five moderate candidates in the 2014 Senate midterm elections.

Since the July 9 announcement of campaign support -- including Greg Orman (I-KS), Larry Pressler (I-SD), Michelle Nunn (D-GA), Susan Collins (R-ME), and Jill Bossi (I-SC) -- grassroots efforts have entailed fundraising, social media and press endorsements, and get-out-the-vote events.

Further evidence of the success in Q3 includes:

  • Strong Quarter of fundraising efforts – over $100,000 raised for support of endorsed candidates
  • Elevated social media engagement – Nearly doubled Facebook followers versus in last 3 months. Many posts in excess of 100’s of  Likes, Comments, and Shares
  • Effective press outreach – numerous references and requests from media to cover moderate candidates’ campaign efforts

Importantly, one message included in all campaign support efforts -- ‘a group of Independents in the Senate can change the political landscape’ -- is amplifying Orman and Pressler’s polling results.  By tying the two races together, increasingly voters and media see the impact a consortium of Independents could have in the Senate -- forcing Democrat and Republican cooperation.

  • “If there were just four or five centrist senators, then neither traditional party would have a majority – and that handful of centrist senators would hold the swing votes on every issue facing the Senate,” wrote Charles Wheelan, The Centrist Project founder and policy fellow at Dartmouth College, in his 2013 book The Centrist Manifesto.

Two Independents already reside in the Senate -- Angus King (ME) and Bernie Sanders (VT). Furthermore, many voters in Kansas and South Dakota are beginning to realize a vote for Greg Orman or Larry Pressler is more than just effective representation of their state’s issues, but also a means to end partisan deadlock in the Senate and advance the important national issues of today and the future.

With successful preliminary results of the effort, The Centrist Project believes a sustained multi-year effort to empower moderate political leaders will address important national challenges -- stagnant economy, unsustainable debt and entitlement programs, costly healthcare delivery, and a struggling education system.

Background Information

Research has found that Democrats and Republicans in Congress are moving further apart and listening to the most polarized segments of the electorate. Additional polls show Americans are not as divided and would welcome pragmatic problem solving in Washington where representatives meet halfway to mitigate contentious disputes rather than hold out for personal and party gains.

The Centrist Project was formed in July 2013 to support candidates ready to set aside partisan politics and focus on the core issues of critical importance to all Americans. These candidates embody the Centrist Principles -- fiscal responsibility, environmental stewardship, social tolerance, economic opportunity and pragmatic governance -- as foundational public policy approach to draw from the best of both parties and break the partisan deadlock.

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To speak with Charles Wheelan or the candidates endorsed by the Centrist Project Voice please contact:

Pam Peak, Executive Director




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