CPR: Unaffiliated Candidates Are Angling To Appeal To Voters Unsatisfied With The Major Parties

By Bente Birkeland

Voters are dissatisfied with both major political parties. Nearly 70 percent say the Republicans and Democrats fail to adequately represent the American people, according to a recent survey from the nonpartisan Democracy Fund.

A Colorado-based group called Unite America wants to use that dissatisfaction to elect more independent candidates to office nationwide. The group helped a handful of Colorado state house candidates qualify for the ballot, campaign and get their names out with promotional videos. They’re endorsing 24 unaffiliated candidates but face challenges. 

Colorado unaffiliated voters now outnumber both Republicans and Democrats, but the Democracy Fund survey found that people fed up with the two-party system don’t agree on the solution.

For example, a lot of unaffiliated voters, including Sue Preston of Wheat Ridge, said they consistently vote for one party or the other. She’s retired and leans Democratic.

“I’m extremely disappointed in Republicans for not taking the initiative to voice their real concerns with this administration, instead of hiding behind their politics and hiding behind, ‘Oh, I want to get elected this next term,’” Preston said.


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