Cory Ann Ellis, SD HD-7

Cory Ann Ellis is a small business owner, community organizer, and engaged citizen. She served eight years in the US Army Reserve and is answering a call to return to service by running for South Dakota State Legislature.

Running for: South Dakota House District 7

Service to others runs deep in Cory Ann. She served our country as a US Army Reserve (USAR) Soldier for eight years and sees running for South Dakota State Legislature as a return call to service, service to her state and specifically to her community.

A USAR mechanic and first-generation college graduate, Cory Ann defied the odds, crediting much of her success to public education and the teachers within. It is engrained in Cory Ann to give back, especially to public schools by advocating, donating, and coordinating events.

Ellis grew up in Northern California, and has traveled to every state, but chose South Dakota to continue her education and to call home. Ellis thoroughly enjoys her diverse community and wants to carry their message to the state legislature.

She and her husband of 17 years have two boys. Her family shares her service to the country. Andy retired from the USAR, eldest son Kaleb is on his fourth year of service, and their youngest plans to enlist. Ellis has been a business owner since 2004 and enjoys attending and organizing events to promote local businesses.

Cory Ann’s nature is to demand and create equal opportunities for others. She finds the courage to persevere, to take on the next challenge, and face opposition head-on from her childhood experiences. Not for herself, but for the next generation, so that they may look back with appreciation and forward with optimism and a sense of duty. She does not feel that she can do this justice by serving a party, but by only serving the people as an independent candidate for South Dakota District 7 House.