Cooper Nye, MI CD-11

Cooper Nye is a Michigander from Novi running as an independent for U.S. House (MI-11). His campaign seeks to disrupt D.C. by fighting for voters who feel unheard and powerless.

Running for: U.S. Congress in Michigan


Cooper Nye studied political theory at Michigan State University and moved to Washington D.C. where he worked in communications and digital strategy roles. 

Cooper learned a lot in D.C.. The main lesson, however, was private interests trump the common good. On practically every street, he saw the same worship of money, power, and prestige. Elites enriched themselves, politician put party over country, and the media produced spectacle instead of substance. 

But Cooper isn’t cynical. He sees opportunity in these problems, so he returned to his home district in Michigan to give voters an innovative alternative to the status quo. 

Cooper believes in the principles of free government. In practice, he will collaborate and compromise to get things done. His moderate style blends the best of left and right to solve problems pragmatically, and serve the common good instead of private profits.

Above all, Cooper wholeheartedly denies that Americans are divided. This is a myth manufactured by the powerful to divide and conquer the powerless. The reality is that common ground exists, and it’s up to independents to spread the word and unite America.

 Like most Americans, Michiganders have had it. They’re sick of the pandering and promises. Cooper is too, and he has a plan to unite good citizens against bad government.