Colorado Centrist Project Celebrates Victory in Thornton

Colorado Centrist Project Celebrates Victory in Thornton  

Sam Nizam re-elected to Thornton City Council

Denver, CO – The Colorado Centrist Project is celebrating the re-election of Sam Nizam to Thornton City Council, giving the organization its first electoral victory in Colorado and momentum ahead of its plans to compete in state legislative races in 2018

“Sam’s victory shows the electorate is ready to rally around common sense, independent leaders,” said Nick Troiano, Executive Director of the Centrist Project. “We are proud to have supported Sam and we look forward to building on this win in 2018.”

The Centrist Project supports the campaigns of independent candidates who commit to putting people before party, following the facts, and working with others to solve problems.

“Support from the Centrist Project was instrumental in my victory,” said Nizam. “Thanks in large part to the infrastructure and resources they provided, I can continue to serve my constituents free from the constraints of partisan politics.”

Nizam garnered nearly 40% of the vote in a three-way race for the Ward 3 seat on the Thornton City Council.  His victory in bellwether Adams County shows independent candidates can have great appeal across the large suburban areas along the Front Range.  

“We’re happy to have achieved early success in our first cycle,” said Andrew Short, Political Director for the Colorado Centrist Project. “We’ve assembled the talent, tools, and technology to level the playing field for independent candidates, and we look forward to scaling our operations next year.”

The Centrist Project aims to elect common sense independent candidates to the Colorado state legislature in 2018.  A recent Centrist Project Institute survey found that an overwhelming majority of Colorado voters, 85%, are open to voting for independent candidates for state legislature next year, including strong majorities of both Democrats (84%) and Republicans (82%).

Independent voters are the largest (37%) and fastest growing segment of the electorate. There are 1.3 million independent voters in Colorado, yet an independent has never been elected to the state legislature in its more than 140 years of existence.


The Centrist Project strategically recruits and supports centrist, independent candidates for office. For more information, visit


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