CenterLine 1/16: CenterLine: Bruuuuuuuuce, Tea Party denied, and an awesome personality quiz

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Too bad, so sad: The score for yesterday's bipartisan spending bill? Political bravery 1, far-Right activists 0. The NYT's Jonathan Weisman says the vote showed both parties "shrugging off the angry threats of Tea Party activists and other conservative groups whose power has ebbed as Congress has moved toward fiscal cooperation." Weisman gets some great quotes from Republican leaders who stood up against bullying by Club for Growth and Heritage Foundation:

“'If I started voting how they want me to, versus what I think is right, then they’ve already won,' said Rep. Mike Simpson, Republican of Idaho, who is dealing with one of the best-financed Tea Party challenges of this campaign year." 


Awww, snap! Christie's musical idol, Bruce Springsteen, does this.

Even Congress Hates Congress (h/t Ian T. Davidson): BuzzFeed has a great piece today linking the wave of House retirements to partisan gridlock.

“I was talking to one member who is retiring and I said, ‘Do you feel good about it?’ and he said, ‘I really do. It just got to the point where it wasn’t worth it,” said Kentucky Rep. John Yarmuth. “It’s pretty stressful. Everybody is aware the system is broken and that becomes stressful. You wonder what can I do to make it work better,” Yarmuth added.

Um ....... now that y'all have more time on your hands, might we suggest joining The Centrist Project?

Can Time Guess Your Politics? See how your preferences in dogs, Internet browsers and 10 other items predict your partisan leanings, in a new political personality quiz by Jonathan Haidt and Chris Wilson on  

What We're Reading: Getting Congress to Yes: I had lunch yesterday with Jeff Burnam, visiting professor of American Government at Georgetown, who was part of the American Political Science Association's recent task force report on Negotiating Agreements in Politics. The task force examined explores negotiation myopia vs deliberative negotiating — where both sides focus on the positive-sum possibilities (rather than getting bogged down by zero-sum conflicts). The Clean Air Act, for example. 

Today's contest: 
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