Christopher A

Tell us about yourself: who you are, where you're from, etc.

I'm retired Air Force, retired executive coach, retired newspaper columnist. Currently teaching the science behind meditation and prayer, and building a production garden as preparation for starting a community garden. Proud father of four successful adults. Helping local government stay focused. I live in one of the 345 owned Congressional districts. Lifelong independent voter, leaned Republican until 2004, then Democrat, but don't fit either anymore.

What does being a "Centrist" mean to you, and why did you get involved?

To me, America is already great, and the condition of the world is slowly improving. Centrist means 1) ending the manipulation of American citizens through extremist issues and manufactured crises, 2) restoring democracy (actively engage citizens in public discourse; end gerrymandering, corporate ownership of government, dark money and lobbying; add term limits and public campaign funding), and 3) elect people who serve citizens instead of big money and special interests.

What is a policy issue you are passionate about and why?

A huge issue is election manipulations through gerrymandering and big dark money, as well as by Russians. Why? Almost 65 of 100 senate seats and 345 of house seats are owned (guaranteed to one party or another), leaving only 35 Senator positions and 90 Representative seats to be contested nationally, and those numbers are falling. This is no longer a democracy representing the people, but an oligarchy where politicians choose their voters.

How do you think we can unite our country and fix our politics?

The fix is citizen involvement in a strong and growing Centrist movement to displace the establishment and address the real challenges of our day based on the best facts available instead of political maneuvering. We know what works, but politicians and their power have become more important than the will of the American people.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I'm so tired of watching the manipulation of the citizenry. I am taking Centrist action in Indiana. Let's do this.

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