Chris Leone, AZ SD-23

Chris Leone is an independent candidate for Arizona State Senate District 23. Chris is a real estate industry leader and former educator.

Running for: Arizona State Senate District 23


My father was a Republican, and my Mother was a Democrat. I grew up hearing opposing opinions, respecting each, and thinking about alternatives that would satisfy both parents.

I have been an independent my entire voting life, zig-zagging across my ballot each election. This year I've decided to run for public office as an independent to catalyze in our Arizona state government a dialogue that has more than two options.

As an independent, without a party to restrain me, I will take positions that may not fit either party's ideological framework, but make sense for Arizona. I will be a catalyst for legislation that puts problem-solving ahead of partisan maneuvering. I will seek solutions that are informed by data as well as traditions.

I was born in New York City and grew up in Englewood NJ. My family moved to Rumson New Jersey when I was about 12 years old. After graduating from High School there, I did a post-graduate year at The Lawrenceville School in Princeton NJ. Four years later, Boston University awarded me a bachelor's degree Economics.

After graduating summa cum laude from BU and finishing the Boston Marathon in 2:48, I taught English in Tokyo Japan for a year. Upon returning to America, PaineWebber in New York City hired me as an assistant stock analyst.

I moved to Arizona in 1994 for a position with Option One Mortgage Corporation. After a 14-year career, I returned to Arizona State University to get a master's in Communications.

I am currently working with SVN Realty Advisors as a commercial real estate tenant advisor.