Chris Dimond, AK HD 33

Chris Dimond is a 4th generation Alaskan who has worked on teams and in leadership positions in construction for 23 years, which includes representing 2,000 members across the state for the Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters.

Chris Dimond is a registered undeclared voter because he believes that neither party has all the answers and party politics can drown out voices with good ideas. He states that working independently across party lines is the only way to end the partisanship that harms the state government and citizens alike in Alaska.

Throughout his 23 years in construction, Chris Dimond has practiced leadership qualities as an apprentice, organizer, and team member. He has worked on various projects around Southeast Alaska which included the Lake Dorothy Hydro Project, the Dimond Park Field House, and the Treadwell Mine Salt Water Pump House.

Chris Dimond lives with his two daughters, wife, Nona, and stepson, keeping busy with school activities and outdoor activities in Alaska.